A tragedy in the Alps in 1920

Three Finnish military pilots and an Italian mechanic took off with two Savoia flying boats at lake Maggiore, Italy on September 7, 1920.

Their task was to fly the donated flying boats to Finland to be delivered to the Finnish Air Force. The delivery route comprised crossing the Swiss Alps on the way to Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Both seaplanes were destroyed in Switzerland in two separate accidents killing all the aviators.

Due to the aforementioned accidents the Finnish Air Force Memorial Day is observed annually on the 7th of September. The deceased pilots are known as Alpine Aviators.

A documentary is going to be released soon

Alpine Aviators-documentary unfolds the story of the lost flying boats and reveals what kind of circumstances the pilots were in a century ago. The flight shall be experienced visually in the breathtaking scenery of the Alps.

Italian, Swiss and Finnish aviation experts analyse the pilots’ route and describe the unprecedented challenges of the aviators.

Not only the Finns, but the Swiss and Italians as well were deeply touched by the tragedy. The accident involving two planes was a major media event which engendered conspiracy theories and even caused mental lynchings for suspected saboteurs.

The course of events has been interpreted according to the information that was obtainable at the time. However, due to technological advancement there’s a chance to further elucidate the event a hundred years afterwards. Nevertheless, many questions remain unanswered.

Alpine Aviators-documentary is in search of answers. The producer and director Ilkka Liettyä is fulfilling his quest to honour the brave aviators and recognise the service and sacrifice of the Finnish Air Force.

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